CC Web Security

CC Web Security is a script that will protect your site from SQLi (SQL Injection)
Cross-Site Scripting, Spamers ,DDoS and other hacking attacks.

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Why to Choose CC Web Security?

This is a better script that will protect your site from hackers / hacking attacks. The script has the features
to protect your site from SQLi (SQL injection), DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)
Proxy, Spamers , Tor and other types hacking attacks.

Responsive Design

Looks good on many devices and screen resolutions.

Usefull Features

CC Web Security has many usefull features.


CC Web Security will notify you when hackers/spamers attack your site.

Amazing Features

You can see the many settings, with which you can manage the security of your site and all modules of CC Web Security
The script have a function with which every hacker will be automatically banned. You can change the AutoBan Settings from the Admin Panel..

SQLi Protection

Protection module for SQL Injections (SQLi) and XSS Vulnerabilities.

DDoS Protection

Protection Module for DDoS that are made in order to overload your site.

Spam Protection

Protection Module for Spammers and Spam Bots that aim to spam your site.

Proxy Protection

Protection Module for Proxy Visitors or so-called people hiding behind proxies.

Ban System

Ban System with which can be blocked and redirected users and countries.

Auto Ban

Function that will automatically block people behind attacks against your site.

Useful Tools

Large collection of Tools such as: .htaccess Generator,Password Generator & WP Security Guide.


Scanner for Malicious Files that will scan your site and notifies you if viruses are detected.

Attack Logs

Function that will log each attack in the Database (No Dublicates).

E-Mail Notifications

Receive E-Mail Notifications if someone tries to hack your site.


Demo Testing Protection

MySql Injection

    If you want to try the protection from MySqli (Attacks aimed stealing information from MySQL db or performing various commands to the db) just click the button in right and will automatically be simulated SQLi Attack.

Test Sqli

Proxy Visite

    If you want to try the Proxy Protection just click the button
    in right and you will be redirected
    to Web Proxy, from which you can
    enter the site URL and test the Proxy Protection.

Test Proxy Protection

XSS Attack

    If you want to try out the protection for XSS Attacks (Type of attacks, which are used to perform HTML and Javascript code into a web page) just enter code in the box in right or use the default code and will be simulated XSS Attack, which will automatically be displayed with sanitized result.

Displaying the result in sanitized type:
<script> alert('XSS Attack')</script> Text